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Beauty of Pregnancy by FrozenDraco
Mature content
Beauty of Pregnancy :iconfrozendraco:FrozenDraco 3 5
Me and Amber
This is Amber!
And "Jewel", otherwise known as FrostDragon!
9/27/2009, we moved from our hometown to Jewel's uncle's horse farm out in the country.  
This is our dualautobiography of the last year or so.
~"# denotes my side, the girl's side of the story!
^*- denotes my side, of which I'm betting you all want to know since I kept you in the dark for so long.
We'll try to set it up as you see here, where I of course go first, nyaaah!~
...yeah, what she said xD
Anyway, you wanna do the intro since it's your account?
I guess I could.  
^* -
It's been a while now, almost two years since I started writing my Spyro story and posting it here on YS.  A lot has happened in those two years; I started here as a reviewer and fanauthor, picked up a few fans, met some people (including the great Yiff Dragon and the awesome kroqgar) who I regard as my best friends in the world and hate to have left.  Life circumstances tho
:iconfrozendraco:FrozenDraco 4 6
Hey There, Spyro by FrozenDraco Hey There, Spyro :iconfrozendraco:FrozenDraco 22 27
Spyro: RoD
Eternity Begins Today
"Where are they?" Ignitus asked, looking out the window. Spyro and Cynder had gone off that afternoon to train, but hadn't come back yet. He was worried...what if something had happened to them?
His fears weren't unfounded--Spyro and Cynder were at that moment surrounded by a stray band of shadow creatures, deep in the woods. The two dragons had come out here to try some powerful elemental training and some teamwork moves, but instead had fallen into an ambush. The memory of their riverside activity two days ago was at the back of their heads as they calculated their odds.
"What do we do now?" Cynder asked, eyeing the shadowy disfigurations around them.
"Well, Solar's not here, so we're gonna hafta take them out ourselves."
"Obviously," she replied. She felt his tail wrap around hers, quickly recognizing that signal. Before their enemies could react, the two dragons twisted tails tightly together and jumped hard to the side, going into a spin as they bot
:iconfrozendraco:FrozenDraco 14 6
Mature content
Spyro: Return of Darkness 25 :iconfrozendraco:FrozenDraco 19 64
Mature content
Spyro: Return of Darkness 24 :iconfrozendraco:FrozenDraco 10 5
Mature content
Spyro: Return of Darkness 23 :iconfrozendraco:FrozenDraco 14 5
Mature content
Spyro: Return of Darkness 22 :iconfrozendraco:FrozenDraco 10 4
Mature content
Spyro: Return of Darkness 21 :iconfrozendraco:FrozenDraco 16 6
Mature content
Spyro: Return of Darkness 20 :iconfrozendraco:FrozenDraco 12 6
Mature content
Spyro: Return of Darkness 19 :iconfrozendraco:FrozenDraco 10 5
Mature content
Spyro: Return of Darkness 18 :iconfrozendraco:FrozenDraco 9 2
Mature content
Spyro: Return of Darkness 17 :iconfrozendraco:FrozenDraco 10 3
Mature content
Spyro: Return of Darkness 16 :iconfrozendraco:FrozenDraco 12 3
Mature content
Spyro: Return of Darkness 15 :iconfrozendraco:FrozenDraco 12 3
Mature content
Spyro: Return of Darkness 14 :iconfrozendraco:FrozenDraco 12 3

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United States
This is FrostDragon and Amber6286's shared account now :3

We share this account to chat back and forth and to browse dA.

I'm FrostDragon (or here, FrozenDraco, "FrostDragon" was already taken when I signed up >w> ), and as you can see in my gallery I'm erotica writer ^^;
Or I used to be until my job killed my writing spark >w>
As of December 14, 2009, I am happily married to my best friend Amber (after only a year of knowing each other, lol xD), and she is the most awesome and loving girl EVER. No competition. xD
She's gorgeous, smart, funny, down-to-earth yet very pious, and loves to try new things (hehe x3)
She's my lil foxy-dragon girl ^^

HIIII I'm Amber!!! =D
I'M FROSTY'S WIFE (and sextoy- i mean, what? xD)
Not much to say that hasn't already been said in "Our Story" (check the gallery), except that I'm madly in love with this guy, he's the best friend I've ever had ^^ and now he's the best husband any girl could ask for :3
He's sweet, caring, loving, sensual, firm yet gentle, and a terrific lover ^^ xDDDD

ANYway, that's us in a nutshell!

Favourite genre of music: Techno
Favourite style of art: SKETCH ART

Amber here again.

Just saying that we're pretty much leaving the internet entirely, due to many life circumstances.

Things have gotten too busy around uncle's farm for us to continue our internet service, so we canceled it.  Right now I'm updating this from the hospital while visiting Frost's uncle after a bad incident with the horses this past June.  

Also, another reason we won't be coming online...

Frost is a daddy ^-^
Currently in my 6th week :3
I'm so excited!! and Frost is just overjoyed, I've never seen him so happy since we got married x3
  • Listening to: Guide You Home (I Would Die For You)
  • Reading: this journal
  • Drinking: *rated mature* a few hours ago xD


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BlackSkull-Dragon Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013
well lets do i start. well I've been a really big fan of your work since i found it back in early 2009 (even though i was only ...13 years old and ignored your 18+ warnings heh heh) and i was as sad as the rest when you left YS but we all obviously understand why and we don't doubt your decision. but i guess just wanted to say thank you... i don't know if you'll ever read this or not but i thought after 4 years of loving your work i thought i would say it in a place where you might have a chance to see it. Also...some people on SF have asked about chapter 15 of ANL and apparently during the switch from YS to SFv1 to SFv2 it popped up and then disappeared. now, i have a copy of the chapter in an email from when i sent the story to a friend of mine two years ago. I know that you guys have ALOT bigger things to be concerned about. I was wondering what would have me do with it. i could post it and direct people to your page or i can PM it to people. anyway, I'm glad i finally got to say something to my favorite author of all time, but yea if you end up reading this and respond i think i could die happy :P
Gold-Drache Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013

I... am an OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD fan of your writings on what used to be YS (which is now Sofurry, blarggh) who used to go by goldendragon2919. I so happened to decide to take a stroll down memory lane and you of course were one of the writers to pop up since I so dedicatedly followed your Spyro fanfic yeeeeeears ago.

Just though I'd pop in and say hi and how're ya and stuff, would be cool to be in contact again.

Also if you have no effing idea who I am that's totally fine 'cause I was one in a million :iconmingplz:
Nouvellesea Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
Many thanks for the fav:)
SoulDragonWithFlow Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the favourite :-) really hope you enjoy the story. Love your work by the way
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MTL3 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2011   Photographer
Thank you for the :+fav:, much appreciated! :)
fieldofvisualdreams Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for adding my work to your collection. Be sure to check the Browse category of my gallery for more of my deviations.
Insane-Randomness Featured By Owner May 21, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Congrats on babydraco!
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